Don Fowler, former chair of the Democratic National Committee and husband of sitting state Chair Carol Fowler, announced his endorsement of Sen. Hillary Clinton this afternoon.

“It’s imperative that America elect a Democratic president in 2008,” he said during a conference call. “Hillary Clinton is that person.”

The gist of Fowler’s pitch focused on the experience issue that has been a standard for the Clinton campaign in these final weeks.

“As a Senator, as First Lady, as an exceptional attorney and caring citizen, she has honed her leadership skills to address the problems of poor schools, an unfair tax system, disappearing jobs, and irresponsible fiscal policies that threaten Medicare and Social Security. She combines strength of character and intellectual toughness that will restore confidence and optimism to America’s middle-class.”

When asked why he was announcing his support for Hillary now, Fowler couldn’t have been more direct about the tight race.

“Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their party,” he said.

Last week, former state party Chair Joe Erwin announced his support for Barack Obama.

While it was evident Stephen Colbert wasn’t her favorite candidate, Carol Fowler is remaining neutral in the primary season.