[image-1] There was a lot of smiling and backslapping and applause at today’s White House appearance by the national champion Clemson Tiger football team. Just a whole lotta fun.

QB Deshaun Watson and some of his star teammates got personally recognized, and the president kind of even challenged Ben Boulware and Carlos Watkins to a fight. Coach Dabo Swinney even brought along jersey for future Tiger slot receiver Baron Trump. It was a great time.

But then, a few minutes in, the President tossed in a weird little burn… to every single Clemson fan ever. Did you hear it?

After introducing Clemson’s “El Presidente” Jim Clements (“another winner, I tell ya that”), Trump turned to his notes looking for another two seconds to fill time, and said:

“What people don’t realize about Clemson: It’s a great academic school.”

So, in addition to your national championship, at least a few more people realize that Clemson is also a school with students and classes and exams and stuff, I guess.