[embed-1]A few weeks after the New York Times noted that Nikki Haley “has no intention of being sidelined” as a cabinet member, President Donald Trump jokingly dangled her job in front of her during a lunch meeting Monday, saying Haley “could easily be replaced.”

During lighthearted remarks while dining with the United Nations Security Council, Trump seemed to stumble into a bizarrely serious throwaway line after praising the former governor and asking if everyone present was familiar with her.

“Now does everybody like Nikki? … Otherwise she could easily be replaced. No, we won’t do that. We won’t do that, I promise.”

Russia, China, France, the U.K., and the U.S. are permanent members of the Security Council, which maintain veto power over the 15-member group’s initiatives. Trump has discounted the role of the international body in the past and said today that he still views the U.N. as an ‘underperformer.’

For her part, Haley has seemed to be throwing herself into her new role as United Nations ambassador, a job she took after turning down an offer to become Trump’s secretary of state. Most recently she’s been on the front line of negotiations to pressure North Korea to stop its nuclear program. But Haley insists that she “can’t imagine” running for president.