Someone sent me a text yesterday afternoon. “Don’t forget to vote” – the message read. As I looked at the message I filled with rage. I imagined this person sending the message and getting filled up with all these positive feelings. “Everyone’s now going to know what a politically minded person I am- look at me, taking part in Democracy! Guys, seriously, it’s so important to like, um, vote… yeah- democracy.”

This guy is a dick-wad. His little text message did nothing. Who in their right mind would forget to vote tomorrow? It’s not like the election has been going on for two years or anything. It’s not as if someone is going to be walking around town-“there was something I was supposed to do today… what is it? Dentist? No. Yoga class? No. Oh wait, I’m getting a text- Don’t forget to vote tomorrow- that’s it- voting. Duh.”

If you forget to vote, in an election as in your face as this one has been-good. If you’re that blind and oblivious to the world in which you live, you shouldn’t have a role in electing our leaders. And if you think that by sending out a little text message to all your little friends, you are somehow doing your part-you shouldn’t be allowed to vote either.

So vote if you were going to. Or don’t. But if you forget what day today is…don’t worry, you vote tomorrow.