Doppelganger was inspired by the old rocker character of Billy Mack in the 2003 movie Love, Actually. Lee Lewis, one part of the two-man musical improv duo, says the movie gave him the idea to turn the life of an old washed-up rock star into a full-on show. Lewis teamed up with guitarist Jason Cooper from the local band Playlist to create Clive Neilsen and Johnny Dregg, two dinosaurs from the ’70s who were part of a mega-band. While they had a great run of success, the rockers’ lifestyle caught up with them and they went separate ways. Though Neilsen and Dregg have long fallen off the big music scene, they have reunited to play smaller gigs at local dives and haunts. Cooper comes up with guitar licks out of the blue, and Lewis is the storyteller who shares the background on each song.

Their shows have attracted a local, loyal following of “Doppel Heads.” In addition to music, Lewis and Cooper incorporate sound and light effects and even the occasional pyrotechnics. While Doppelganger has been going strong for years, they create new songs at every performance. The two are making their third Comedy Fest appearance on Wednesday night.