It’s safe to say that we at the City Paper are serious dog lovers. So, with that being said, here is a bummer warning. It does have a happy ending, but Dorchester Paws needs your help.

The group is asking for donations to help pay medical costs for two dogs they’re caring for with gunshot wounds.

“We don’t know the circumstances each dog received the injuries under, but we do know that they need our help,” said Dorchester Paw’s executive director Kim Almstedt in a press release.

Note: We’re just posting pictures of these sweet pups’ faces, but if you do want to see the graphic images of what bad people did to these little guys, you can see it on Dorchester Paws’ Facebook.


Gwendolyn, a seven month old terrier mix, had a shattered femur from the injury and underwent reconstructive surgery in hopes that she would not need her leg amputated. What a good girl!

Hamilton, a three year old pointer, was shot in the shoulder. He has a fractured humerus and shards of the bullet remain in his shoulder, but no surgery is necessary. Good boy, Hamilton!

Medical care for these sweet babies isn’t cheap, but they aren’t stupid humans and didn’t shoot themselves, so they’re asking for those inclined to donate to Michael’s Healing Heart.

“Please consider donating towards our Michael’s Healing Heart medical fund to help these animals in their recovery,” said Almstedt. “We would not be able to help them on their journeys from victim to victories without the generosity and support of our community.”

For more information, please visit dorchesterpaws.org. Donations can be made in person at Dorchester Paws, 136 Four Paws Ln., Summer