Dorothy Netherland wants to take you into her world and help you see it through her eyes. With an interest in interpersonal relationships and the idea of memory as something to be shaped, Netherland draws inspiration for her art from vintage women’s magazines and then begins by working backwards.

First, she applies the ink and acrylic paint to multiple panes of glass, and then scrapes and shapes the material into her vision until the piece comes to life. “They have become my cast of characters, endowed with personal histories and interior worlds of my making,” Netherland says of her work.

On view as part of the Revelation of Process exhibit at City Gallery at Waterfront Park, Netherland’s work is made up of diptychs, or paintings in pairs. In exploring “psychological states evoked from the number two” (her words) Netherland shifted the composition in her own work by planning the paintings out. Her paintings are so intricate they will leave you with plenty to look at, and their aesthetic appeal is something the whole family can enjoy.