WTF is up with that group trying to run a Gay Pride Parade – what a pussy ass way to say the a certain mayor in the low country supports gay people because he will be in your parade when he clearly spouts shit about “lifestyles” and “not condoning.” YOU SELF HATING LITTLE HYPOCRITES – Full acceptance my ass —- the drag queens from Stonewall in 1969, mostly dead now, must be rolling over in their graves at your self-loathing choices. HEY ASSHOLES WORDS SPEAK LOUDER THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE: NO wonder your group, so named because gays want nothing less than full acceptance by the “general population” gets little support from the multitude of gay and lesbians that could get involved…come on, you throw a picnic for pride in 2009 and no one shows — must be something wrong in your house. Then again, we wouldn’t want to possibly offend anyone now we would we. Why is it the money at the top of any organization that purports to push a progressive agenda is so eager to shove its head up its ass and ACCEPT LESS than anything that even resembles resentful acceptance? Did the MONEY behind this group – the money at the top – even bother to see RENT – or did they just ignore the message? I am kind of pissed off that part of my ticket purchase for RENT – we went twice! – went to a group that would have told Angel she was “just too out there” to be at the head of their parade…its my life not a lifestyle. Wish you luck. Kisses.