Local songwriter, guitarist, and singer Doug Walters recently compiled 11 experimental, mostly instrumental songs for a new solo album called Vagabond.The collection is currently available.

Walters heads up hard rock trio Torture Town and regularly plays in local rock duo the Fairy God Muthas (with City Paper‘s Ballard Lesemann on drums). He recorded this off-beat musical odyssey over the last three years, playing all the instruments and recorded it at his home lab.

“Some of it is dark/mad scientist freak out stuff, and some of it is sweet, tender melodic stuff,” says Walters, who celebrates the official CD release with a gig on Sat. Oct. 16 at Art’s Bar & Grill in Mount Pleasant.

He’s proud of Vagabond. It’s clearly something he’s wanted to do for a long time. “It’s a make-your-own-movie art piece,” he says. “Everybody’s life is a movie, isn’t it? I figured I would put out an album of tunes that people could use for a few scenes in their own personal movie.”

See myspace.com/jamesdougwalters for more.