Now here’s an interesting statistic. The Recovery Room on Upper King Street has the distinction of selling the most PBR of any bar or retailer in the entire state.

They have sold 60,000 cans of PBR so far this year, which breaks down to more than 200 cans sold per day.

Chris “Boston” Diamattia says he goes through about 65-70 cases a week. Recently, the PBR representative for the Southeast dropped by to take a look at the little place doing big volume. Boston says the rep was amazed, considering the size of the bar.

During happy hour (4-8 p.m.) at the Recovery Room, PBR is only $1.25. It’s two bucks the rest of the time, which goes a long way toward explaining those sales.

The Pour House on James Island has the distinction of being number two in PBR sales. Not surprisingly, Charleston is the number one PBR market in S.C.