Police detonated a suspicious package this morning at the Bell South building downtown. The package, identified by Starbucks patrons around 9 this morning, snarled traffic on King Street and closed several blocks of Calhoun and surrounding side streets.

The Post and Courier reports that “the package was described as a small bag attached by wires to a cell phone with its antenna raised.”

Here’s our five favorite quotes overheard at the scene:

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” — that’s an overly dramatic onlooker when police announced they were exploding the device.

“I just want to see it.” — that’s a College of Charleston student too interested in the bomb scare

“I’m never going to get to class on time with this detour.” — that’s a student too disinterested in the bomb scare

“The cop telling me to get as far away as possible scared the crap out of me.” — that’s the “Oh my God!” lady, after she had a chance to calm down.

“Come on, don’t make me start pushing.” — Officer “Softy” telling us to get around the corner as they detonated the package