Route 65 is the under-appreciated younger sibling of the famous Route 66. Although Route 65 doesn’t have any hit songs written about it or any 1960s TV dramas set on its pavement, it is surrounded by a romantic mythology similar to the better-known Route 66. Dream Coast Films is releasing a feature film inspired by Nashville’s main road, which shepherds in country music hopefuls and pushes them out once their dreams have been shattered. Despite being firmly set in Nashville, Route 65 Nashville is set to film in Beaufort during August and September. The cast hosts a slew of stars, from Eric Roberts, Corbin Bernsen, and Naomi Judd to Brooke Hogan, Ray Lewis, and Kenny Wallace. Beaufort seems to have captured the heart of Dream Coast, because they’ll be back in January to film My Brother, Your Outlaw: The Waylon Jennings Story.