The 2010 congressional race was so yesterday. The one we want to see is the 2012 GOP primary, when Carroll Campbell III (either as a sitting Congressman or a 2010 primary loser) takes on spurned housewife Jenny Sanford. Crazy talk?

There’s only so many more miles left on Congressman Henry Brown’s tires. There was legitimate curiosity about whether he’d even offer a challenge to Campbell (who is expected to announce his primary challenge on Wednesday).

As for Campbell, a win would be great, but a respectable primary loss wouldn’t be too detrimental and could lay the groundwork for a second grasp for the ring (think Rob Miller in the 2nd District). If a successful Brown packs up in 2012, it’s a sure thing.

As for Jenny Sanford, news from the Associated Press puts her “inspirational memoir” out next May. Whether it’s a tell-all or a glorified religious pamphlet, this woman’s political capital isn’t going away any time soon. There’s no reason not to shoot for the moon.