Sometimes a cocktail is so good and makes such an impression that people will start talking about it incessantly. Such is the case with the Painkiller, a drink we’d not heard of until recently. But once we did, it seems like it’s all we’ve been hearing about lately. So, of course, we headed to Surf Bar on Folly to taste one for ourselves.

Owners Hank and Perry brought the Painkiller to Folly after visiting the Virgin Islands, where they first tried one. “They wanted a drink they could hang their hat on,” says bartender David Crawford.

It was something they knew would be popular and fit perfectly alongside mojitos and margaritas. “People come here just to taste a Painkiller,” says Crawford. Surf Bar is the only place on Folly serving this Caribbean indulgence, which will run you $6.50.

It’s not the kind of painkiller you pop to fade into a comatose state but, rather, a painkiller you can slurp down after a hot day on the beach. “Extremely refreshing after a long day in the sun,” says Alex Hunter, a regular at the Surf Bar. The drink perfectly balances dark rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, and cream of coconut and tops it with freshly shaved nutmeg, a key ingredient.

The Painkiller was first concocted at the Soggy Dollar Bar in the British Virgin Islands. Now, the drink can be found throughout the Caribbean. While the original recipe is still “secret,” the Surf Bar’s version is scrumptious.

This seriously delicious drink full of island flavors can be found at other places around town including The Buccaneer and Home Team BBQ on Sullivan’s, where they serve them up frozen.