Despite millions of gallons of oil gushing into the Gulf, local fundraising efforts to help have been moving as slow as sludge. Perhaps that’s because we’re all waiting to for BP to cap the damn spill, or for the government to get desperate enough to go with the nuclear option.

To help our fellow coast dwellers, some locals are mobilizing a monthlong fundraising drive, asking the local food and beverage industry to take part in Drink Up/Dine Out for the Gulf Coast.

Sean Ferneau and Keira Williams have contacted more than a hundred establishments and asked them to participate. So far, they’ve gotten commitments from Blind Tiger, who will kick off the fundraiser on July 1, along with Rev Foods, who will feature Abita Beer at Poe’s, Taco Boy, Monza, and Closed for Business the week of July 1-8.

Many other places have expressed interest, and the organizers hope the city of Charleston can band together and raise significant funds for the Greater New Orleans Foundation, which has set up an emergency fund called the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund for fishermen who have been devastated by the Deepwater Horizon disaster. If you are a restaurant or bar owner who would like to be involved, email or call (843) 817-6684.