[image-1] Charleston punk band Drunk Couples are back in action with a new record and a release show at the Royal American tonight, Jan. 17.

"Hell Street," the acoustic first single from new album No Rest, is a sea change for Drunk Couples, a band that's spent most of their career keeping it loud and fast. According to drummer Andrew Barnes, it's the mood for the entire EP.

Guitarist CJ DeLuca is the primary songwriter for Drunk Couples, composing the tracks for the new EP in 2018. "CJ had a bunch of these dark ballad goth-y folk songs he's been writing in his spare time, so we took three of them and gave them the 'full band' treatment," Barnes says.

The Royal Tinfoil, who play in support of Drunk Couples tonight, helped put "some extra layers" on the songs shortly before the album was finished.
[content-1] No Rest comes two years after their last EP, Way Gone. In that time, band members Andrew Barnes and CJ DeLuca threw themselves into post-hardcore group Florida Man, whose 2019 LP Tropical Depression won praise from several South Carolina publications, including the City Paper.