Your timing could not have been better, more sequenced, and your appearances could not have better exemplified a point I was trying to make to my wife. She had not heard of “hipsters” until this weekend, and as if by magic we encountered a steady stream of the different flavors of the beast in its native habitat. Just when I thought the fashion lesson was complete, in rolled the fixies! Even better, they were being walked, so we could see the pedals repeatedly whacking their very-enviable owners in the shins. Terrific, thank you.
Also, to the dude, perhaps a recipient of a poorly-planned bachelor party, staggering on King Street with your friends, shirt open and askew, at 7pm or so towards Calhoun: your friends deserve props for hopefully sending you to the hospital in that taxi. Either way, they kept you from kissing pavement in front of those mortified families in broad daylight.