We can’t get enough Star Wars right now (seriously, don’t hit us with any spoilers), and it turns out Charleston-based reggae act the Dubplates are huge Star Wars fans too. How huge? Well, they’re releasing a three-song collection called Star Dubs: The Dubplates Tribute.
Dubplates singer/guitarist Brady Waggoner says their musical journey to a galaxy far, far away was a happy accident. “We were on our way to a show in Outer Banks a few years ago and I played a rough mix of one of our studio instrumentals for our (then new) Saxman Andy Masker. On the end of a track I play the lead part from the Star Wars John Williams tune called ‘The Throne Room.’ It’s the melody that plays any time there’s some major drama in the movies. Andy was into it so I talked to Big Hair and Papa Robbie about it and did some remixes of the Williams stuff.”

The Dubplates have been messin’ around with Star Wars tunes for a while now, and after hearing about the latest flick they decided to produce a collection. The first song, “Cantina Skank” was released yesterday, today’s release is “Dancehall,” and tomorrow’s is “Rockers.”