Ducks Unlimited hosted their annual Fall Soiree at the Bus Shed Friday night, with tables of steaming, smelly oysters flavoring the air. Camo, Croakies, and cowboy boots were the uniform for most of the outdoorsy crowd, many of whom are Southeastern Wildlife Exposition regulars (SEWE is normally a Soiree sponsor, but they bowed out this year in favor of a smaller event).

Glaring fluorescent lights illuminated tables of silent auction items like wildlife art and silverware emblazoned with the DU logo, while a band played to a near-empty dance floor. We heard that the other food options would be better than previous years, but we were disappointed to find offerings like over-cooked fried fish, greasy meatballs, and flavorless hush puppies. Luckily, attendees seemed much more focused on the bar and the bivalves, which is really what any oyster roast worth its salt is all about.