Local garage-punk rockers DUMB Doctors have announced the arrival of a new set of songs set to drop on Halloween 2018 via Bandcamp. The eight-track collection is called DOC ROK and was written and recorded in an abandoned house in, “Hollyweird,” South Carolina — all, of course, on cassette tape, the band’s signature medium.

“The songs are inspired by the SICK/STUPID world we live in now thanks to the current powers that be,” says frontman Scott Dence.

Tracks include “X RAY EYES,” “DUMB IT DOWN,” and “NERVOUS SYSTEM,” the latter of which debuted today, with lines like, “Uncertain future is all that’s left/ The possibility of nuclear death.”

Dence says DOC ROK is a departure album for the now-three-piece act — arrangements are more minimal. Also: “We gave up on psych rock too,” Dence says. “We’ll leave that or the people who can stomach being stoned in this scary, shitty era.”

Right on.

P.S. DUMB Docs are up for a CPMA, and today’s the last day to vote, FYI. Check it out.