[image-1]Take that, Starbucks! The news from Dunkin Donuts that they’re expanding in Charleston is an obvious attempt to snatch up those last three street corners downtown that don’t already have peppy baristas with coffee colored walls.

There are already two Dunkin Donuts within five minutes of my home, so the news of 19 new locations is likely relevant to everyone else but me. I’ve always thought they should have a DD downtown, but no word yet on the locations.

Coastal Franchising has announced plans to add at least 19 new Dunkin Donuts store locations to the greater Charleston area within the next few years, with approximately 12 such locations expected to open in 2008 alone.

The growth of the well-known coffee retailer in Charleston is expected to create close to 400 new jobs for the region, adding to the 70 employees Coastal Franchising currently employs in the four existing Dunkin Donuts locations it owns in Charleston, as well as the company’s corporate offices.

Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr. applauded the many employment opportunities that will be created by the city’s new Dunkin Donuts locations.

“We are pleased to welcome Coastal Franchising and the new Dunkin Donuts stores to the Charleston area,” stated Mayor Riley. “Their confidence in our market and our residents as future employees is a verification of our stable economy and the strong work ethic of our residents. Their trust in our community will be rewarded by loyal patrons and loyal employees.”