Dupree Stumps at CofC

Write-in senate candidate Nathalie Dupree stopped by the College of Charleston’s Tate Center yesterday to explain her last-minute decision to run for office. Speaking to a crowd of about 15, Dupree shared some of her background and outlined her campaign, keeping things lighthearted for the apathetic students. “Tell your mom I spoke with you today, she’ll be excited,” she riffed.

The candidate spoke of how her experience with students in the kitchen has prepared her for juggling tasks, the importance of sustaining the local economy, and the shock her husband experienced when she told him she was running. Expectably, most of her campaign outline regarded the Port of Charleston’s earmark funds and Jim DeMint’s refusal of those.

Despite a few peculiar statements about gender (“Women aren’t as black and white as men, we’re better negotiators.”), Dupree came off as a candidate who cared about the issues she spoke of; her campaign story only reinforced that.

And though she called her husband a realist, it seemed Dupree embraced that same characteristic. “It’s not going to be a massive change, we’re going to have to slowly chip away,” she said. When asked if she was afraid of being pigeonholed as “the food lady,” she threw out enough cuisine-oriented puns to make one lose their lunch, paused, and said, “Nah, I’m not too worried about that.”