The sense of outrage seems to be unanimous.

A race car driver — a guy who polluted the world with noise for a living — is suing a local farming family who scratch a modest living out of the earth. Not a good public relations move. Particularly since said race car driver has only lived on Wadmalaw for three years, while the Ambroses have been farming out there for the last 35.

Yesterday, the Post and Courier reported that NASCAR driver and Daytona 500 winner Ernie Irvan and his wife, Kim, are suing their neighbor Pete Ambrose because his farm business is causing dust and noise and ultimately disturbing the couple’s peace. As most locavores know, the Ambrose family started selling community supported agriculture shares a couple years back, and now they have hundreds of subscribers who get weekly boxes of vegetables and produce from the farm. They also let you on to the farm to pick your own berries and tomatoes during the growing season. Where’s the harm in that?

Locavores, being an active bunch of passionate foodies, have jumped in to defend their beloved local farmers. The comments on the P&C website are four pages deep and a new “Save Ambrose Farm” Facebook group was started this morning to show their support of the Ambroses “against the lawsuit filed by racecar driver Ernie Irvan and his wife, which, if successful, might mean the end of the farm forever.”

The group is planning to stage a “friendly showing of support” at the courthouse when the trial date is set. They’re also accepting donations for the Ambrose Family Farms Legal Fund.