He may live in Nashville now, but that hasn’t stopped Dusty Slay from reminiscing about his wild times in the Holy City.

Last week, Slay was featured on “Comedy Central Stand-Up Featuring” (season three, episode two). In his 7 minute, 30 second set, Slay touches on the beauty of putting in your two weeks — “it’s like a little vacation right there at the end” — his days of blacking out (he’s sober now), and he even gives a shoutout to his former employer, Hyman’s Seafood.

The Meeting Street spot attracts tourists like moths to light, and it often gets a bad rap. “It’s located on the same block as a restaurant called Sticky Fingers,” says Slay. “Not everyone knows what a hymen is, and that’s OK … it’s a tight joke — that was too far and I am sorry about that.” He notes that one time a customer asked him if he was part of the Hyman family; “I said yeah, cause they named me Dusty Hyman. I’m the oldest one.”
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While genitalia jokes may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the assembled crowd seemed to get a kick out of it. Maybe they’ll even venture to the fine seafood establishment next time they’re in town, based on Slay’s glowing recommendation.