[image-1]Attorneys for convicted Mother Emanuel shooter Dylann Roof have asked for a 90-day extension as they work the appeal process of his death sentence.

According to the motion filed Thursday, Roof’s attorneys need more time to sift through documents they either haven’t received or haven’t been able to read before the opening brief date of Nov. 20.

The defense team argues that they are missing 221 sealed pleadings filed in district court, at least one transcript, billing records, juror composition files, as well as most of the records from the state case. They may also be missing portions of multimedia exhibits presented at trial. [content-1] The motion makes clear that the list is “incomplete because we have not finished our review of the parts of the record that we do have.”

Roof was convicted of 33 federal hate crime charges in December 2016 and sentenced to death in January. In March, Roof pled guilty to nine counts of murder in state court, among other charges, before being sentenced to life in prison nine times in April.