A new alleged check fraud scam includes an e-mailed threat from someone falsely claiming to be Charleston Police Chief Greg Mullen. The e-mail stated the victim would be arrested if she didn’t cash the suspicious check.

A local woman told police last week that she received a check in the mail for $1,950 that was supposed to be for modeling work. A man allegedly called and instructed her to cash the check and provide the cash to a photographer, but the woman recognized the check looked suspicious and ripped it in half. The man allegedly told her that she would be arrested if she didn’t cash the check. She then received an e-mail again threatening arrest, the typed signature line read, “Chief Mullen.”

This kind of check fraud is nothing new, though suspects usually take advantage of internet ads selling items or renting homes. Charleston Police spokesman Charles Francis says the investigation is being handled by Palmetto Bay, Fla., police, where they believe the check originated.