The Halsey Institute has prompted many approving nods from passersby with their Art*0*mat, a vending machine for art. Now, Early Bird Diner is joining in the fun with another innovation on the vending machine: a sticker vending machine.

Daniel Infinger, the manager over at Early Bird, wasn’t sure what to think when local artist SHT! approached him with the idea. Sticker vending machine? The one at Early Bird is the first in SHT!’s new venture, but as soon as Infinger saw a picture, he was sold. They’ve had it in just inside the entryway for about a week, and the reception has been phenomenal. Everyone from children to college kids and even adults has taken a look. For 75 cents, you can pick out a sticker from the eclectic selection.

Infinger’s favorite is the dinosaur one that says “NOM” on the bottom. They’re getting an Early Bird sticker in there soon. Fingers crossed that it’ll have a drawing of chicken and waffles.