The South Carolina GOP, along with earmark watchdogs, are up in arms over $3 million Congressman Jim Clyburn brought back to South Carolina through a recent defense spending bill. The money is going toward a youth program that tries to teach kids character-based life lessons through the game of golf. South Carolina conservatives, who no doubt learned their life lessons on the mean streets of Columba, are not happy. But in all of their frustration, they fail to note the explanation from Clyburn’s office.

Clyburn’s spokeswoman Kristie Greco said that the earmark is related to the military. It funds “the Life Skills character education program” at Department of Defense facilities, she said. According to Greco, the program gives children of military families a constructive recreational and educational outlet.

UPDATE: Clyburn took to the House floor to defend the allocation and just made those GOP haters look even more foolish.

“Not one dime of this request will go to any civilian facility in South Carolina or anywhere else in the United States of America,” Clyburn said. “Every single dime of this is to be spent on defense facilities to the benefit of those children whose mothers and fathers are off defending our way of life.” Clyburn said the money will go to Shaw Air Force Base, Charleston Air Force Base and other military installations in South Carolina and beyond.