[image-1]The Charleston Animal Society has paired up with the Charleston-area Chipotle restaurants for an all-day fundraiser. At each of the five Charleston-area Chipotle restaurants, animal lovers can put their love of sofritas to good use. On Thurs. Aug. 3 just let your cashier know before checkout that you’re there to support the CAS fundraiser.

You can show them a flyer, pull up a social media post, or simply verbalize your support. Just make sure to do it before you finish paying, and 50 percent of your total  bill will go directly to the Charleston Animal Society.

Over the past few years, the nonprofit has collected a number of awards, including “Best Local Cause,” and being named Lowcountry Profit of the Year. One of the first no-kill shelters in the nation, CAS prides itself on having never turned a local homeless animal away, and works tirelessly for the prevention of cruelty to animal. So go ahead — treat yourself to the guac. It’s for a good cause.