With hot weather right around the corner many restaurants are serving dishes brimming with summertime flavors, from truffles, shrimp and slaw, to fish with plenty of vegetables. Sit back and unwind with these decadent dishes.

Halls Chophouse is currently offering a $72 12-ounce bison filet with black truffle butter. The bison is broiled to temperature and laid on top of a bed of lobster risotto with bordelaise sprinkles dotting the plate. General Manager Tommy Hall recommends diners split the entrée, which he says is “spectacular.” Hall also suggests adding their house salad of iceberg lettuce, house smoked bacon, blue cheese, and avocado, with a homemade cherry pie to round out the meal.

Chef/owner Fred Neuville of Fat Hen says it doesn’t get much better than their fried local shrimp dish with blue cheese bacon coleslaw and pomme frites ($18.75). Neuville’s crustaceans are lightly floured, fried, and paired with a smoky, cheesy, crunchy slaw. The dish is also accompanied by fresh pomme frites, a combination of textures and flavors that work very well together. “It’s the perfect summertime dish in the Lowcountry and beyond,” Neuville says.

At Cypress, Executive Chef Craig Deihl offers a braised wreckfish with squash, zucchini, and grape tomatoes, topped off with a squash blossom butter for $32. “We get in whole wreckfish three times a week and use the bones for a stock to braise the fish in,” says Deihl. The veggies are cooked in a bit of butter. The dish is then finished with a puree of squash blossom, honey, butter, and fresh herbs. Deihl also plans to include local eggplant in the dish once they become available.

Over at Carolina’s, Chef Jill Mathias is offering customers a pan-seared grouper with a blanched five bean salad ($29). Included along with the fish and salad are Hen of the Wood mushrooms.

Chef Jeremy Holst at Anson says their special is a freshly grilled watermelon salad accompanied by fresh arugula, speck ham, cherrywood-aged balsamic, and a hint of olive oil. The watermelon is compressed before being grilled. This taste of summer is on the menu for $9.