Happy chicken finger day, folks. We decided to leave it to you for the fried stuff. You can always stop by the Kickin’ Chicken for a fine example of the form. As a tasty substitution, we found some baked, brined, and broiled options for those of you who want to celebrate chicken in a much less boring way.

CO’s executive chef Tarquino Vintimilla has a new Vietnamese chicken salad. He prepares the housemade dressing by combining lime juice, fish sauce, sugar, garlic, and sambal chili. The spicy salad showcases the robust flavors of Vietnamese cuisine by combining crispy cabbage, pickled carrots, and red onions. The salad is served with a prawn krupuk and topped with crunchy onions and fresh cilantro — perfect for a light summer meal.

Executive Chef Jacques Larson at Wild Olive brines a Walterboro Keegan-Filion Farm chicken in a bath of lemon, bay leaves, peppercorns, garlic, onion, and rosemary for eight hours. Then, it’s marinated in lemon, rosemary, onion, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil and grilled with peperonata, an Italian stew of red bell peppers, red onion, and tomatoes. Finally, everything is tossed together with red wine, vinegar and sugar syrup for a classic agrodolce (sweet and sour) combination.

At Five Loaves‘, head chef Josh Warlick recommends the chicken paillard. The antiobotic- and hormone-free chicken from Tanglewood Farm is lightly dressed in flour and pan roasted. He tops it with prosciutto, parmesan, and reggiano cheese and finishes it in the oven. The entrée is served over roasted garlic mashed potatoes, with arugula, roasted shallots, and beets on top. The entire dish is drizzled with housemade white balsamic vinaigrette.

The newly opened ‘Cesca is brining too, but for its traditional Italian brick chicken dish. “It’s a half a bird,” Executive Chef, Jason Colon tells us. “We brine it for 24 hours in truffle salts, sugar, water, peppercorn, and bay leaves.” After its long bath, the bird gets rinsed and put in a hot pan with a tinfoil-wrapped brick on top and cooked in the oven. It’s served on top of a bed of farro, a Tuscan grain that is cooked like risotto, with honey-roasted baby carrots and fresh thyme.