Summer is the season of detoxes and juice cleanses. It’s also beach season. Coincidence? Maybe. Either way, we have gathered the best summertime smoothies and juices for slimming down and energizing up.

At The Sprout in Mt. Pleasant owner Mickey Brennan is providing people with a fruity, tropical tasting organic juice and smoothie hybrid called a Green Monkey. Brennan’s concoction includes kale, pineapple, apple, celery, lemon, and, of course, banana. The Green Monkey comes in three different sizes, 8-, 16-, and 24-ounces for $6.25, $8.25, and $10.25, respectively. However, if this seasonal blend doesn’t quench your summertime thirst, The Sprout also has wheatgrass shots. Served in one- or two-ounce sizes, these shots equal eating two-and-a-half pounds of veggies. Taste the energy!

The Berry Morning smoothie found at Earth Fare’s juice bar is made with strawberry, banana, milk (your choice of soy or almond), wheat germ, and a serving of whey protein. A small runs $3.75 and can be turned into a large 16-ounce smoothie for an extra .50. For customers looking to slim down, the Zesty Carrot juice is a popular option. It juices up carrot, apple, parsley, beet, celery, and a shot of wheatgrass (16-ounce serving for $3.49).

Puree Café in Mt. Pleasant offers a full juice and smoothie bar where each order can be customized to your liking. Their most popular smoothie is called Tropical Getaway made with coconut milk, banana, and pineapple. Manager Alexandra Bennett says their most popular juice is the Green Clean ($7 for a small, $9.50 for a large), made from cucumber, celery, lemon, kale, spinach, and apple. Bennett says it’s packed with nutrients and is a super healthy option.

Wendy Ezelle, owner of The Juice Joint, offers Folly-goers a Watermelon Agua Fresca ($3-$4), a summertime drink that’s made with the fresh juice of watermelon, agave nectar, lime juice, and finished off with sparkling water.


Holla for a Halla’ Berry, actually no holla-ing is necessary just head to Dell’z Vibez for this seasonal smoothie. Owner Nicole Brown says the drink is ideal for a meal replacement or as a hangover remedy. The Halla’ Berry has probiotics, coconut water packed with enzymes, lime juice, 4 ounces of spinach, banana, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries (16-ounce, $6; 20-ounce, $7.50).