As the seasons change, so does the local produce that restaurants in the Charleston use. Here’s a short list of places that are using fresh and local veggies in their pasta dishes.

Burnt Lemon and Ricotta Gnocchi – Choose your own pasta, angel hair, penne, you name it, and Monza will put a burnt lemon and ricotta sauce on top. This dish features local brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes too. – $17

Tagliatelle – A customer favorite, this pasta features local shrimp, roasted indigo tomatoes (also local), habaneros fermented in-house, and tarragon (you guessed it, local) in a white wine base. – $17

Obstinate Daughter
– Garganelli – This dish is made with milk and white wine braised pork, which comes from a local pig farm, made into a pork ragu. The ragu is slow cooked with caramelized onion, sage, thyme, lemon zest, and crushed hazelnuts, topped with parsley. – $17

– Burrata – Local pumpkin stars in this fall dish, with spiced nuts, honey crisp apples for a sweet crunch, sarinata, and basil. – $17

– Mezzaluna – This dish brings a lot of different flavors together, including pistachio, orange, ricotta, fennel, and local beets. – $20