News flash: It’s still hot. The good news? The summer sun has many local confectioners helping people beat the heat with delicious, handcrafted ice cream sandwiches. Now these aren’t your regular gas station freezer bars. No, these desserts pack a punch with house-made cookie buns and, in most instances, house-made ice cream and fillings as well.
[image-5]Head down to long time dessert powerhouse Kaminsky’s on the Charleston Market to try what they call their Cookie Sunday. This ice cream sandwich has two house-made chocolate chip cookie buns, vanilla bean ice cream, and Kaminsky’s delicious chocolate syrup starting at $5.25.
[image-2]For a different scene and take on the ice cream sandwich, Brown’s Court Bakery on St. Philip Street offers an entirely in-house made treat, with flavors like Chai-Graham which has a brown sugar graham cookie with chai vanilla ice cream in the middle, and a Mocha brownie cookie with espresso ice cream in the middle, both $5.50. [image-1]
Another Charleston area sweet shop to stop by is the Wich Cream stand, which is set up at the Mt. Pleasant, downtown, and future West Ashley Farmers Markets as well as many Charleston restaurants and bars. Two of their most popular creations are the Elvis Pretzley with peanut butter & banana ice cream w/ a crushed pretzel rim, and the Summer Harvest which subs Geechie Boy blue cornmeal for cocoa with roasted local blueberries and peaches in the ice cream. Prices range from $3-$5 depending on size and location.
Parlor Deluxe, located on St. Philip Street, actually features ice cream sandwiches with some components made by local Brown’s Court Bakery, but PD puts their own spin on the chilled treat with an in-house created waffle sandwiching the ice cream ($7).
[image-3]Last but definitely not least is the new Meeting Street sweet shop Peace Pie, which specializes in only selling ice cream sandwiches. Each ice cream pie is $6 and they come in over two dozen flavors ranging from Red-Velvet Cake to Keylime to Pecan Pie.