It’s the day after Thanksgiving and your fridge is stacked with pounds of turkey and mashed potatoes tucked away in ZipLoc bags and Cool Whip containers. It’s safe to assume you’re not eating out until you’ve consumed at least half of those leftovers, even though turkey sandwiches for the next four days doesn’t sound appetizing. We spoke to a few chefs in the area to learn some unique ways to utilize those leftovers.

The Glass Onion‘s Chef Chris Stewart recommends making a soup out of those leftover mashed potatoes. “Grab some onions, sweat ’em down and add some chicken stock, then add potatoes until you get a nice consistency. Experiment, you can add anything. You can use sweet potatoes too — definitely not sweet potato casserole though,” Stewart warns.

Feeling lazy? The chef also offers up a Friends-inspired leftover idea. “Just put all your leftovers on bread,” Stewart says. “Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce. Everything. I think they do that up North.”

Chef Robby Struthers at Boulevard Diner offered us some practical usage of those leftover starches. “Use your leftover sweet potatoes or yams and add them to a pancake mix to make sweet potato pancakes, a dish that works well for breakfast or dinner,” Struthers says.

He also offers a healthy option. “After you’ve gorged on Thanksgiving food make yourself a salad. You can use leftover cranberry sauce to make a nice vinaigrette.”

Five Loaves Owner Casey Glowacki keeps things traditional with the simple, yet effective stand-by: “Stuffing, turkey, mayonaise, and Wonder Bread. Smash it together, just like when you were a kid. I actually had two of those last night at midnight.”

King Street Grille Associate Owner Eric Frank offered an Asian twist on the American holiday. “The Holiday After Thanksgiving Roll: Turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoes, served up like an egg roll. Use that leftover cranberry sauce to make a nice cranberry aioli,” Frank says. If you decide to eat out anyway tonight, stop by the Grill for one of these babies. “I’ll be serving ’em up all weekend,” Frank says.