Even though it’s already a 90-plus degree scorcher of a summer, no matter how hot it is, we’re willing to stand over an even hotter grill and make sure our burgers are as rare or as well done as we require. Grilling out is just part of the season. But if you’d rather stay cool and calm indoors while someone takes the heat for you, get on over to one of these restaurants and try one of their interpretations on the classic.

King Street’s Burger Babies has a special little bundle of joy planned for the weekend. Their tuna ceviche burger puts tuna ceviche, ginger slaw, and micro wasabi onto a steamed bun. Wash it down with their Fruity Pebbles milkshake.

Like Burger Babies, Big Gun Burger Shop is another newbie to the scene. We haven’t made it over ourselves, but we’ve heard talk of foie burgers, kimchee, and more.

Triangle Char and Bar is known for their awesome grass-fed burgers. They don’t really do specials, and frankly, they don’t have to, since their choices are already deliciously eccentric, known for putting things like mashed potatoes and beets on their thick patties. Some favorites are the A.M., with a fried egg, bacon, and best of all, hollandaise. There’s also the Wilbur, a bacon cheeseburger that, instead of bacon, has pork belly on top.

North Charleston and Citadel Mall joint Sesame lists their daily specials on blogspot. Tonight in Park Circle, you’ll find the Bib Bleu: a blackened beef patty stuffed with bleu cheese and topped with caramelized onions, lettuce, and tomato. Meanwhile, at the mall is a coffee-rubbed beef patty topped with pepper jack cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, and tomato. It’ll be a hard choice between the two.