Today I embarked on a buy-local journey in anticipation of Buy Local Month (Nov. 15-Dec. 15).

Jamee Haley at Lowcountry Local First pitched me on the idea, and I thought, why the hell not. I’ve always made a point of buying from City Paper advertisers, which are overwhelmingly locally-owned and operated businesses, so how hard could it be?

For this 30-day experiment, I’m still nailing down the parameters, but I’ve already started and I’m trying to buy only local food, goods, and services.

Here’s what I’ve bought so far today:

Lunch ($35) at Tabbuli Grill, a Mediterranean restaurant on the Market that’s owned and operated by Sam Mustafa and the Charleston Hospitality Group. I ordered a Greek Salad, a Meze platter, and the kofta burger. I also shared with my husband and several people in the office, since I totally over-ordered so I could try a lot of items. The hummus is stellar, but the kofta burger was the best.

  • kofta burger at Tabbuli Grill

I guess the question for them should be, where do you get your produce and food? Are they striving to use local purveyors and producers? I should keep that in mind.

  • meze platter at Tabbuli Grill

I also spent $25 for a facial at Natural Hideaway via Dealmobs (the City Paper’s couponing site). I couldn’t pass it up, especially because I’m a girl who loves to be pampered.

I also paid to have my house cleaned by a gal who has her own service. I guess those kind of services should be included in my buy-local odyssey.

So far, this isn’t hard at all. The big challenge will be groceries and paper products, but Jamee suggests Doscher’s and The Pig, two places I’m happy to frequent.