Tuesday is CSA delivery day, which means Monday is the day I generally use most of the vegetables delivered the previous week. You think I’d be better at this by now.

Soup’s a great way to clean out the larder, and it’s also the best thing to eat in the fall.

Yesterday I made a sweet potato and corn chowder, which turned out to be a thing of beauty.

I took the four ears of corn (the fifth was completely tore up by a tiny little worm), removed the kernels, and simmered the cobs with some chicken stock I had in the freezer.

Then I chopped up some green onions and peppers and sauteed those with a bit of garlic in some butter. Then I threw in some diced sweet potatoes, the corn kernels, and strained the corn-flavored broth into the pot. Everything simmered for a bit, until the potatoes were tender, and then I added some milk and seasonings. Easy weezie. Thanks to my handy Garden-Fresh Vegetable Cookbook by Andrea Chesman for the roadmap.

Now I have to run out and pick up my latest veggie shipment. I might have to drop eggplants and banana peppers in the swap box. I’m overrun.