Eclectic Change, a compilation from SLDG MUSC which features local artists Contour and Niecy Blues, was released on Bandcamp Dec. 4. 

Eclectic Change is a project that combines many genres and artists from around the nation to create an album to financially support Black organizations.

This 32-track album features unreleased tracks and demos in hopes of raising money for two organizations, Trans Trenderz and National Bail Out. 

Trans Trenderz is a Black trans-run label and National Bail Out is a black-led project dedicated to aiding the incarcerated and prison abolition.

Blxck Cxsper, the founder of Trans Trenderz, said in a press release the money made will go to paying artists on the label.

“As I’m writing this today most of us are struggling to pay rent and feed ourselves, yet our names are literally everywhere,” they said. “That’s why we need cash. Because visibility without financial security can be very dangerous and it should be everybody’s duty to make sure Black Trans people are safe.”

Artists from the project will also be featured in livestream performances Dec. 5-11. Niecy Blues will perform Dec. 11 on 8Ball TV at 8 p.m.

In addition, Eclectic Change will be selling merchandise to help support the cause. Head over to to check out the project.