This just in from City Paper‘s Jon Santiago, who caught Chicago sax man/vocalist Eddie Shaw and his band at the Pour House on Mon. Feb. 11:

[image-1]Monday is usually a pretty slow club night but walking into the Pour House to catch Eddie Shaw and The Wolf Gang you could be forgiven for thinking you’d suddenly leaped forward in time to a full-on fire-breathing Friday night gig.

Bandleader Eddie Shaw may be 70 years old, but if 70 sounds like this, I’m really looking forward to my retirement party. Grit and soul infuse Shaw’s performance and his Wolf Gang band mates pile on their own groove-making with gusto. [image-2]

Eddie, Jr. opened the second set with a couple pyrotechnically charged guitar numbers that had audience cameras flashing like lightning strikes in a thunderstorm. Lafayette” Shorty” Gilbert’s take on “Rainy Night in Georgia” stood out as a crowd-pleaser. By the time Eddie and the band whipped into the Robert Johnson penned “Sweet Home Chicago”, the Pour House roof looked to be coming unglued.

Note to Management: before they invite Eddie and The Wolf Gang back, they may want to retrofit that roof with hinges.

(photos by City Paper production dude Josh Dybzinski)