0d54/1243017409-eden_skirt.jpgA few new stores are popping up on King Street in the next few weeks. Jayne, opening on May 27 at the old Pete Banis location, features designer clothing with some intense discounts — we’re talking 70-80 percent off. We also caught sight of a new olive oil shop coming in a little further down King. No word yet on when it opens, but we’ll keep our ears open for all you cooking aficionados. Newly opened this week is Eden Boheme at 194 King Street. Owners Lucinda Race and Anna Lassiter will feature their own lines in the future, but for now they have an impressive array of designs from France, New York, and Australia in the clothing and furniture boutique. Each line they carry is available in Charleston solely through the shop. In celebration of the arrival of Kathryn Amberleigh shoes, the store is serving champagne tomorrow from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. The space is tiny, but we had trouble finding anything in the store that we didn’t love. The prices aren’t outrageous, either. Not to say that this store is for those on a tight budget, but the Kathryn Amberleigh line came in mostly around $150. Stop in for the champagne and we can almost guarantee you won’t leave empty handed. —Moira Phillips