John Edwards will be in town Thursday evening, volunteering at the Lowcountry Food Bank with supporters. The visit will be at 6 p.m. at the bank’s Cosgrove Avenue HQ.

Included in the release is Edward’s effort to push against the conventional wisdom that sees this as a two-way race after New Hamsphire.

Edwards is the only candidate in the race who was born in South Carolina, and he is the only Democratic candidate to ever win in a “red” state. Edwards leads the Democratic field in both campaign stops and money raised in the Palmetto State, and his campaign boasts an impressive statewide grassroots organization strengthened by deep support from Edwards’ 2004 campaign, when Edwards won the South Carolina primary by more than 15 percent.

We have our doubts, but Comeback Kid hasn’t been copyrighted. There’s room enough for two.