I don’t think Hillary or Barack lost any supporters last night, but John Edwards certainly gained some undecideds as he (mostly) stayed out of the snipping back and forth.

When he first asked “Are there three people in this race or not?” I yelled at the scream, “No!” He then spent the next hour proving me wrong. The reason was that, while he didn’t get as much time in, he made every second count — getting his message across.

Edwards also assisted with several punches at Barack that Hillary just couldn’t seem to land — particularly on the “present” votes and mandatory health care. Do I think he’ll win the nominaton? I’d still bet against it, but he has once again proven why he’d be a first class running mate for either frontrunner.

Meanwhile, all you learned about Barack and Hillary is that they’ve studied up on each other. They both seemed to recognized it was a slippery slope, but it seemed like neither one could control themselves.