Because EffinBRadio loves you and wants you to be happy, the local food podcast is hosting a cuisine focused trivia night and, get this, it’ll be recorded for an episode.

On March 4, smack in the middle of Charleston Wine + Food, EffinBRadio founder Lindsay Collins and co-hosts Philip Michael Cohen and Nikki Anhalt will test goat.sheep.cow.north guests’ food knowledge as David McCarus of McCarus Bev. Co. pours the good stuff.

“Anyone can play,” Collins told City Paper in a tweet. “It’s all taped and we cut the best of them together to release a special episode!”

Collins says there will be two players at a time. Each will get a mic and one is eliminated. “Think Jeopardy + Drunk Trivial Pursuit,” she says.

Trivia will begin at 6 p.m.