[image-1]So much for luck of the Irish. Today we learn that Gaelic pub Egan & Sons has shutdown to “reinvent” itself according to GM Kirsten Leahey. Chris Egan (who owns another Egan & Sons in Montclair, N.J. and is from Dublin) opened the Cumberland Street spot in October to solid reviews. Just last month our own Eric Doksa wrote, “I’ll be honest, I walked into the place a week after the Charleston Wine + Food Festival with moderate to low expectations. ‘Another Irish pub?’ I thought to myself. But … The food is good — really good. And it doesn’t hurt that you can order a pint of Guinness with the perfect pour.”

Apparently, kind words weren’t enough to make the public house work though — even on the cusp of Spoleto. “It just hasn’t been flying. It’s been really quiet the last couple of weeks,” says Leahey. But she promises that the doors will open again, adding, “We’re going to shutdown for a few weeks and make some changes. But we’re not going anywhere.”

No word as to what the new interpretation will be, but we’d love to hear your guesses.