Local rock band El Camino has been together for five years but dropped their debut record only last month.

“Somehow we still managed to sit on it for about six months after the final recording before releasing it,” says guitarist/vocalist Taylor Jenkins. “I guess procrastination is in our blood. I’d rather say we wanted to make sure it was perfect before putting it out.”

In the works since November 2013, How to Change the Weather was recorded, mixed, and mastered at the Jam Room in Columbia with Jay Matheson.

“He was invaluable to the recording process of How to Change the Weather,” says Jenkins. “He kept us on track and always offered good advice if we were struggling with the little details of a song.”

Vocalist/guitarist Chandler Roy wrote the lyrics for the 12-track collection. “He’s one of the finest songwriters I’ve ever played with,” Jenkins says. “Like any other great songwriter or storyteller, the lyrics come straight from his own life and are very personal to him.”

How to Change the Weather is available now at elacaminosc.bandcamp.com