After finding out that they had once again received a CPMA for Electronic/Experimental Artist of the Year, Sexbruise? quickly called a band meeting to collectively gather their thoughts and to bask in the blacklight. They see the recognition as coming with some perks, but not too many. “Ever since we’ve become famous, the ‘alternative press’ has shunned us in favor of smaller more local acts,” the band says collectively. “It’s a difficult situation for us because in spite of our massive fame, still very few people know who we are. We are the most obscure world-famous sex band that we know of.”

In addition to the Electronic Artist of the Year award, the band walked away with Song of the Year and Music Video of the Year for their single “Party in the ’80s,” partially filmed at the Commodore. As always, they aren’t letting success cloud their vision.

“We are only in this for money,” Stratton “DJ Desktop” Moore affirms. Still, the band (drummer John Pope, keyboardist J-Dolla Sign, snack thrower Moore, and guitarist Will Evans) would like to thank “Barret Burlage and Kyle Perritt for their incredible work on our music video, as well as all the fans that came out to the shoot. All the film from the Commodore shoot was destroyed in the yacht crash and we had to reshoot a fake show with actors, and that was also very expensive, so send us some money, please.”


Over the course of a series of forced conversations and faxed messages, the ensemble did finally open up about what makes it special to be an electronic/experimental band based here in Charleston. “Myrtle beach is great, they have the ocean, and airbrush t-shirts,” Moore says.

“Its definitely an advantage being on the water since we have so many yachts,” keyboardist J-Dolla Sign adds.

“Still, we would like to see everyone join together,” the band says, “form a circle of love, and feel the spirit of music and giving, and sharing, and giving money to Sexbruise? and sharing money with Sexbruise? at”

Sexbruise?, in typical fashion, is determined to celebrate this award, one way or another. “Some bands like to celebrate by throwing huge lavish parties, other bands like to have a calm night of reflection after winning an award,” Sexbruise? reflects. “But one thing is for sure: Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.” —Kevin Wilson