[image-1]Last week, the Pour House booked a slightly last-minute show for Sun. Aug. 19 featuring indie-rock champs Elf Power. The Athens, Ga., musical collective have been cranking out melody-driven rock music for over a decade. Led by singer/guitarist Andrew Rieger (an upstate S.C. native) and multi-instrumentalist Laura Carter (she’s purely Athenian), the current lineup features former members of The Olivia Tremor Control, The Circulatory System, Paper Lions, Summer Hymns, and Of Montreal.

Their latest is a 12-song collection (produced mostly by Almstead at his home facility Pixel Studios) titled Back to the Web (Rykodisc). Showtime is an early 9 p.m. (doors are at 7 p.m.). Holler out for a rendition of Brian Eno’s “Needle Through the Camel’s Eye!”