“Dingy,” the new video from Charleston-based Elim Bolt (Johnnie Matthews, Jessica Oliver, Jordan Hicks, Christian Chidester), is a harrowing tale about a prison break, a high-speed car chase, police brutality, sexual exploration, and ice cream. It’s a mixed-up, mescaline masterpiece.

Singer-guitarist Matthews says, “The video was inspired by what basically the song is about: Meeting a girl in another city, visiting her an awful lot, thinking the city is sort of a drag (although it’s full of rad people), and trying to convince her to move to what is dreamworld to me.”

He adds, “Also, I really wanted to see Jordan in drag.”

The goofy video goes perfectly with the manic energy of “Dingy.” And it also gave Matthews an opportunity to slap some lipstick on his lips. “I got my inspiration from Taylor Swift,” he says. “I read this article in a magazine at the doctor’s office about how Ms. Swift loves red lipstick because it makes her feel confident, and I thought it would do the same for me.” Judging by the video, it certainly seems to work.

As for the shooting of the video, Matthews says it was a blast. “It was a lot of fun,” he says, “but scheduling that many busy people to all come together at once was hard. I’m glad that I have super-rad friends that were willing to give so much time to it.”

Matthews was able to make the video on the cheap thanks to his pals. “All and all, the video cost about $400,” he says. “Drew Gardener really did me a solid on this one. He shot and edited it all, and I think, did a killer job.” We agree.