Local combo the Freeloaders — guitarist Wallace Mullinax, bassist Oliver Goldstein, and drummer Jack Burg — often collaborate with vocalist Elise Testone on a funky mix of soul, jazz, and rock. The band and vocalist hook up this week for an elegantly groovy tribute show. They’ll pay homage to the music and stylings of the late Amy Winehouse on Tues. Sept. 20 at the Pour House, performing of Winehouse’s album Back to Black in it’s entirety. The Freeloaders close the event with a set or covers and originals.

The full backline includes keyboardist Trey Cooper, guitarist Adam Fallen, drummer Ron Wiltrout, and backing vocalists Diane Fabiano and Shannon Cook. Guest horn players Simon Harding, Cameron Harder-Handel, and Ben Hawes will be on hand as well.

Sharing the stage is Bethlehem, Penn.-based duo XVSK, comprised of cellist/vocalist Trevor Exter and drummer John Kimock. The twosome use their instruments and a small battery of effects and delays to create a unique rhythmic atmosphere. 9 p.m.

Checkout myspace.com/freeincharleston and extervskimock.com for more.